Strong state Relay concept

By | 3 Maret 2018

strong country relay (SSR) is an digital transfer that has no shifting elements. for example picture-coupled SSR, SSR-coupled couplers, and SSR hybrids. This stable country relay (SSR) is built with an MOC isolator to split the input and switch elements. With stable kingdom relays we are able to avoid the occurrence of sparks as happens in traditional relays also can keep away from the incidence of imperfect connections due to porous contactors consisting of traditional relays.

bodily example strong nation Relay (SSR)
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kinds of solid state Relays (SSR)
Reed-Relay-Coupled SSR wherein manipulate signals are applied (without delay, or via Preamplifier) to reed relay coils. The reed closure then activates the proper circuit with the trigger switch of the thyristor. glaringly, the input-output isolation carried out is that of a reed relay, which is typically very good.
Transformer-Coupled SSR in which the control signal is applied (thru a DC-AC converter, if it is DC, or at once, if it is AC) to the primary area of a low-energy transformer, and secondary as a consequence of the number one excitation used (without or with rectification, amplification, or other changes) to trigger the thyristor transfer. in this type, the input-output isolation level relies upon at the transformer design.
SSR opto-couplers in which manipulate indicators are applied to a light supply or infrared (normally, a light-emitting diode or LED), and from resources detected in a image-sensitive semi-conductor (as an instance, a photosensitive diode, a image-sensitive transistor , or picture-sensitive thyristors). The output of the picture-touchy device is then used to cause (gate) the TRIAC or SCR it switches the load present day. manifestly, the handiest big “coupling path” between enter and output is pink light or infrared radiation, and wonderful electrical isolation. “Optically coupled” or SSR which is likewise referred to as “optically coupled” or an isolated image.
characteristics of strong state Relay enter (SSR)
Dielectric electricity, judged in terms of minimum breakdown voltage of the manage circuit to both case SSR and output (load) circuit. an average score is 1500 volts ac (RMS), top for output manage.
Insulation Resistance,? Of manage circuit for each case and output circuit. typical scores range from 10 megohms to 100,000 megohms for transformers and hybrid designs. For isolated SSR optics, a typical variety of insulating resistance from one thousand megohms to at least one million megohms.
Stray Capacitance, from manage circuit to both case and output circuit. Capacitance to the case is rarely huge, however the capacitance to the output circuit may additionally manipulate the ac and temporary pairs back to the sensitive manage circuit, or even similarly, to the source control sign. happily, in nicely designed SSR’s, this capacitance is not often massive sufficient to reason interaction. traditional capacitances variety from 1 to 10 picofarad. The response speed of the SSR for the software of the voltage manipulate could be defined later in this section.

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