RFID paintings Frequency Allocation (Radio Frequency identity)

By | 3 Maret 2018

RFID frequency allocation (Radio Frequency identity) lies in the ISM (business, scientific and medical) frequency bands meant for commercial, medical and scientific functions. The RFID operating frequency lies within the following 3 radio frequency bands.

RFID work Frequency Allocation (Radio Frequency identity)
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Band LF (Low Frequncy), RFID working frequency at LF bang is placed on rang frequency one hundred twenty five KHz – 134 KHz. RFID with running frequency in LF band with frequency range is often used for the cause of animal monitoring studies and tracking the shipping of an asset.
Band HF (excessive Frequency), RFID running frequency on HF band lies at thirteen.56 MHz frequency. RFID with 13.56 running frequency is used where the media information price (TAG RFID) and RFID reader (RFID Reader) is ready 1.five meters. RFID with this frequency additionally has the gain of now not having interference from the life of water or metal.
Band UHF (extremely high-Frequency), RFID frequency variety on UHF band is placed in the frequency range 850 MHz – 950 MHz and a couple of.four GHz. RFID with working frequency on the ISM band UHF has a excessive readout velocity.
The RFID working frequency allocation is used as a verbal exchange medium among RFID tags and RFID reader (RFID reader).

choice of RFID gadget running frequency will affect communique distance, interference with other radio gadget frequency, statistics communique velocity, and antenna length. For low frequencies are normally used passive tags, and for high frequency use active tags.

At low frequencies, passive tags cannot transmit information over long distances, because of the constrained power obtained from the electromagnetic field. but, communique can nonetheless be achieved with out direct touch. In this example the factor that wishes to get interest is the passive tag ought to be located away from the metallic object, due to the fact the metallic notably reduces the flux of the magnetic discipline. As a end result the RFID tags are not running well, because the tag does not acquire minimal strength to paintings.

At excessive frequencies, the communication distance between the lively tag and the RFID reader can be similarly, but nevertheless constrained with the aid of the available electricity. Electromagnetic indicators at excessive frequencies also get attenuation whilst tags are blanketed by way of ice or water. in the worst case, the tag covered through the steel isn’t always detected with the aid of the RFID reader.

the scale of the antenna that must be used for facts transmission relies upon at the electromagnetic wavelength. For low frequencies, the antenna should be made with a larger length than the RFID with high frequency.

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