Port Parallel DB-25

By | 3 Maret 2018

to connect to other gadgets, the laptop is introduced in the shape of parallel port and serial port. at the parallel port the facts is sent in parallel format (8-bit at a time) so it may be despatched speedy. but for that it takes numerous cables and can’t be used for lengthy distances. at this time the parallel port of the compoter is not often used, however some electronic measuring device maish many use parallel port of this laptop to talk with every other.

Parallel ports have several names: LPT0, LPT1 and LPT2 which have their own addresses for the names, as within the following table.

Parallel Port deal with table LPT-0, LPT-1 and LPT-2
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Parallel ports can be utilized in several modes and might normally be configured via the software. these modes encompass:

SPP mode (Standart Parallel Port)
EPP Mode (more advantageous Parallel Port)
ECP (extended talents Port) mode
SPP mode is a unmarried-manner popular parallel port, now not a -way characteristic, so the five-bit on the manage channel will no longer respond. in this mode the parallel port can most effective be used as output simplest and can not be used for input.

EPP mode is a -manner (bidirectional) mode. in this mode the port peralel may be used as enter and output channels. With EPP mode this could be accessed to the SPP registers (records, status and control) and get entry to the EPP registers. in this mode additionally, it may opposite the port direction using bit-5 of the control register. EPP mode has two sorts: EPP1.7 and EPP1.9 which can get entry to bit day trip inside the EPP sign up. further EPP mode has a facts transfer fee (switch rate) among 500KB / S to 2MB / S.

ECP mode will offer a parallel port with extra capabilities (prolonged competencies Port). This mode may be set through the extra manipulate registers (extended control sign up) from ECP.

The above modes can be configured thru the BIOS at the pc. And may be reconfigured using the software. those software registers are normally located in 0x2FA, 0x3F0, 0x3F1 and others destined for BIOS get right of entry to.

arrangement of legs (pin) on parallel port DB-25 connectors in SPP and EPP modes as within the following table.

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