Keypad With eight to 3 Line priority Encoder 74148

By | 3 Maret 2018

Keypads may be created by way of numerous techniques, considered one of which uses an encoder. The encoder itself serves to encode input or terminal paths into facts in binary layout. The encoder used to make this keypad is the concern encoder IC 74148. IC 74148 is an eight line IC chip line to three line precedence encoder with 8 input strains and three bit output lines. each key in this keypad has been encoded the use of IC 74148 encoder to output records three bits BCD. Keypad circuit the use of this encoder is more effortlessly applied to TTL virtual circuit and microcontroller circuit. here is a photograph of the keypad circuit the usage of the encoder in query.

Keypad collection With eight to three Line precedence Encoder 74148
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Keypad circuit in above photo is keypad with 7 input button and 3 bit output in BCD layout. Any keystrokes on the keypad above will offer binary dat output with 3 bit BCD layout. Encoder 74148 on keypad circuit above has encoded to 7 keypad button above become three bit BCD statistics as in following table.

input Keypad Button table And Output Encoder
input Button information Output BCD (lively Low)
S1 110
S2 a hundred and one
S3 a hundred
S4 011
S5 010
S6 001
S7 000
Encoder IC 74148 is a concern encoder with LOW active person for enter line and output facts so that to allow input encoder course therefore S1 – S7 button on above keypad circuit related to floor when S1 – S7 button is pressed. To preserve for the time being no button is pressed the enter path encoder 74148 must log high then hooked up pull-up resistor at every enter line of encoder and also established capacitor which connected to floor at each input course of encoder 74148 so no spark at moment of button S1 – S7 is pressed.

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