Fujitsu As a reliable IT Infrastructure issuer For Directorate widespread of Treasury, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia

By | 3 Maret 2018

Fujitsu, one of the leaders in providing enterprise, facts and conversation technology solutions, announced nowadays that it has been selected to provide reliable IT infrastructure for the Directorate trendy of Treasury (DJPBN), Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia to realise its imaginative and prescient and the undertaking of coping with country budget transparently, accountably, included and overall performance-primarily based, while helping the combination of telematics inside the corporation.

Fujitsu affords a complete infrastructure starting from servers to storage from the PRIMERGY, PRIMEQUEST, SPARC company and ETERNUS lines. In 2007, Fujitsu became elected after a tight government bidding manner as stipulated in Presidential Decree No.80 / 2003. Armed with this new infrastructure structure, DJPBN can gain most overall performance and scalability while reducing the complexity and total fee of ownership. not simplest that, the contemporary server infrastructure will become a strong platform for DJPBN to improve IT maturity and IT governance – critical components for realizing transparent, accountable, incorporated and performance-primarily based kingdom finance control.

“Fujitsu has deployed a strong foundation to align IT infrastructure with our business, at the same time as assisting the implementation of incorporated ICT in the Ministry of Finance,” said Muhammad Ridzal, ST, MT, Head of Technical support for hardware and software Directorate standard of Treasury, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia . “Now, our capability is increasing in many instances and the extent of availability is better, however with much less quantity of hardware than previous infrastructure. currently we also have sufficient scalability to meet destiny development needs, as governments retain to pressure tasks to understand precise financial management governance across corporations. ”

The Fujitsu server is used to store kingdom budget databases, payroll systems and DJPBN-made packages, as well as take care of Intranet and web surveillance. DJPBN server infrastructure processes thousands and thousands of statistics in keeping with yr. The blade server architecture used by DJPBN is able to handing over more processing strength but with less complicated, less difficult cabling, garage and renovation control. Load balancing and failover management also are less complicated while power intake may be stored.

DGPBN became fashioned in 2004, inclusive of eight echelons and 30 regional offices. The DGSBP is responsible for drafting and enforcing guidelines and strategies around the state treasury. The core feature of DJPBN is to manipulate the implementation of the country price range within the finances Implementation listing (DIPA), through more than 20,000 running corporations spread throughout the archipelago. DJPBN coordinates all running groups thru 177 state Treasury services workplaces (KPPN).

IT plays an critical role in DJPBN’s efforts to carry out those features and duties. DJPBN has a extensive scope with unique business desires, along with the software of Treasury unmarried Account (TSA) in order that the organisation develops its own entire utility. To coordinate all obligations and disseminate data to hundreds of work gadgets and KPPN, DJPBN makes use of a centralized internet portal. similarly, DJPBN also builds e-getting to know portals and digital libraries to help officials benefit the modern day facts, regulations, standards and methods in country treasury and accounting. but, DJPBN will hold to boom its IT ability.

“We need answers which can be technically superior and feature excessive scalability a good way to strategically guide the vision and challenge of DJPBN going for walks a transparent, responsible, included and overall performance-primarily based state budget management. IT that has been the guide for DJPBN should be able to meet the ones wishes, by means of growing the adulthood of IT governance. Infrastructure is the first and most essential section, “Ridzal stated. “collectively with Fujitsu, we believe we are able to further empower our users and at the same time be better prepared to improve IT adulthood and better IT governance.”

one of the challenges within the implementation venture is velocity and reduce enterprise interruption because DJPBN receives day by day price range reviews from operating agencies and KPPN. in this task, Fujitsu works closely with the IT crew at DJPBN to provide technical guide and technological expertise.

“we are thrilled so as to provide the first-rate technology for DJPBN that enables the corporation to align IT with enterprise, while assisting

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