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By | 3 Maret 2018

the mixing among the arena of IT and electronics in human beings’s lives is unavoidable, each of them don’t have any dividing line, so with the aid of transforming, the primary IT exhibition beginning in 2014 will be extra elegant, extra whole and extra up to date with the up to dateday’s products up-to-date all consumer dreams.

From left-proper: Rachmat Shah as manager of Debindo Mitra Dyantama, Sri Vista Limbong as trendy supervisor of IT division Dyandra Promosindo, Soehoed Kosasih as vp Direcup-to-dater of Debindo Mitra Dyantama and Dwi Putri Winahyu because it department supervisor Dyandra Promosindo.
From left-right: Rachmat Shah as manager of Debindo Mitra Dyantama, Sri Vista Limbong as fashionable manager of IT division Dyandra Promosindo, Soehoed Kosasih as vp Direcup-to-dater of Debindo Mitra Dyantama and Dwi Putri Winahyu as it department supervisor Dyandra Promosindo.
The word “up-to-date show” is greater representative of the IT world that has up to date be a part of the lifestyle of society. “the brand new concept of MBCS 2014 will not handiest be seen from the outer packaging of the exhibition, the renewal may be visible in every nook of the exhibition,” stated Vista Limbong, wellknown supervisor of TI Dyandra Promosindo. He defined that the modifications could be seen from three unique zones prepared up-to-date make up to datersupdated easier, the atmosphere of the exhibition from the doorway up to date the ambience of every zone created more high tech up-to-date create an environment that is very interesting and unique and exceptional from the previous exhibition.

hunting rate willing devices and unique Surprize every day

The goal of each updated coming up to date the exhibition area is exclusive, and upupdated the desires and desires of every up-to-date, MBCS 2014 provides three zone areas that organization every variant of IT merchandise inup to date exclusive zones, “We want up to datersupdated up-to-date perceive their needs and merchandise more without problems and fast, which ultimately could make up to date extra revel in the surroundings of the exhibition, “said Vista once more.

The MBCS 2014 region might be divided inup-to-date three zones, the first region “up to date & digital zone”, will cowl an area of extra than 5,000 m2 in corridor A, and Cendrawasih corridor on the way upupdated function the ultra-modern variety of up to datepupdated products, hardware, accessories and electronic products from numerous manufacturers inclusive ofupdated Acer, Asus, AXIOO, Canon, Fuji Xerox, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, and others. the second zone “gadgets & Accecories quarter”, will function a ramification of communique products, gadgets and smartphones, up-to-date Blackberry, Evercoss, OPPO, and Samsung. providers of telecommunications, net services, data offerings and different merchandise that assist conversation technology, which includes Smartfren, can also be present in this 2d region. placed on corridor B & most important foyer, this sector will cowl an area of over 12,000 m2. The 1/3 region, “sport & enjoyment quarter” is a unique place for gamers, overlaying an area of 500m2 of this area can be crammed by way of gaming brands, audio video, and leading side era about games, lifestyle and amusement. The extra interesting, the numerous thrilling video games competition will take location on this last zone.

speakme about the numerous competitions up-to-date be present at MBCS 2014, it’d not be whole if coming updated the exhibition arena without trying their good fortune in diverse packages. each day there will be Intel Treasure Hunt up to date mission the up-to-date’s good fortune in getting the satisfacupupdated and most inexpensive offer, starting from 499 thousand rupiah up-to-date masses of pc products and up to datepupdated, pill and phone primarily based on Intel processor, Hermawan Sutanupdated, marketing Direcup to dater of Intel Indonesia stated “Intel Indonesia and MBCS 2014 presents the first ever Intel Treasure Hunt in 2014 where visiupupdated are challenged updated look for Intel processor-up to datetallyupdated pc products ranging from lapupdatedps, capsules and smartphones with the exceptional and cheapest deals. ” another program up-to-date also up-to-date the eye of updated is SurPrize Powerbank software up to date provide a special brilliant fee for M3000 powerbank from Miup to date. Unfinished, some other surprise present for MBCS 2014 up to datetraffic who transacted 500 thousand rupiah and multiples in the course of the exhibition will be gift thru the door prize. Competing branded devices for up up to dateupdated Yamaha up to datercycle unit, buying and selling on MBCS 2014 will be more worthwhile.

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