7th segment BCD Decoder 74S248

By | 3 Maret 2018

The seventh segment BCD decoder is used to trade the input within the shape of a Binary Coded Decimal (BCD) password into a password corresponding to the 7 section layout. Decoder 74248 has 4 enter statistics, each A, B, C, and D seven outputs are: a, b, c, d, e, f and some legs for manage ie LT, RB In (RBI), RB Out (RBO). The IC 74LS248 foot configuration is proven within the following discern.

Configure Pin 7 BD Decoder to phase 74LS248
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characteristic every Foot On Decoder 74LS248:
feet A0 – A3 serves as a four bit BCD records enter direction.
Leg RBI serves as input manipulate Riple Blanking input.
LT Foot serves as a Lamp test manage input.
BI / RBO toes features as enter control Blanking input or Riple Blanking Output.
The a – g leg serves as an output for the 7 section not unusual anode viewer
To operate a 74LS248 decoder for a – g output to provide a decimal view of the BCD information on A0 – A3 inputs LT and BI / RBO legs are given high good judgment then BCD records is given on the A0 – A3 legs. LT facility (Lamp take a look at is used to check the circumstance of the 7 phase viewer BI / RBO Facility features to do away with input records and gives clean show to 7 segment viewer. The TLLS248 decoder truth table is proven in the following desk.

desk of Truths IC 74LS248
IC 74LS248 fact desk, IC 74LS248 output, IC output shape 74LS248, output decoder 74248, truth table 74248

The ensuing show man or woman of the 74LS248 decoder in the 7 section common anode viewer is shown within the following determine.

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